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A unique SN portal for India.

Guys, and here is the good news. After almost two years of discussions, arguements and disputes we few Architects seem to have reached a common consensus. That is providing Architects, students and institutes of India a unique portal that would compliment the existing Architecture pedagogy.

After parting away from my last employer in Dec, I was filled with all positive energy to concentrate upon this pending project. And in very short time we friends could reach a common ground that the portal has to be collaborative and not unidirectional. One friend also suggested that, Its the time that we decentralize the data instead of keeping it at one place.

As suggestive the portal will have all social networking features along with some unique features like:


Academic modules

Multilingual functionality


Portfolios and space for collaborative projects.

We have been discussing the above issue with many institutes, academicians and professionals since long. With large positive feedback,  few good suggestions and some frowns, it was quiet evident that we are moving in right direction.

The Architecture portal will be dedicated to India and gradually it might start attracting foreign participation. The whole idea is to organise and assimilate the Architectural information spread across the country. Students will have major role to play in building up this portal.

We are highly thankful to all institutes who have given us motivation and also committed their active participation on the portal. Many Architects have come forward and also agreed upon extending the financial help to us. I am quiet sure that “this is the portal that Architcts in India have been waiting for. Since long.”

We have already identified some institutes, Architects and the group of students who will keep the momentum on the portal. These institues have agreed that they will try and harness upon the potential of proposed portal.

Guys, if you are reading this you should be curious about the domain name and the date of launch. We are keeping this secret for the moment and very soon you may receive an email which would request you to pre register on portal.

Now, if you think you can contribute to the upcoming portal in any way, please feel free to drop me an email: advanirajesh@gmail.com


About Rajesh Advani

I am an architect and founder of ArchitectureLive! - www.architecturelive.in, the architecture and design portal from India. I craft websites and do graphic design for living. In addition addicted to photography, traveling and networking with people. Currently I am doing a research on Walkability in Kalkaji, a neighbourhood in New Delhi, India.


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